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adi casuals

‘adi casuals’ the store which goes with nick 'ADI' has a conventional significance – 'The First',


We consider it has a huge significance in making the first product to reach out Solo Casuals.  The major boost is not just the idea of the brand name, but the way individuals see our item and the way they feel and see the brand makes a huge difference for us.

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'adi casuals’ goes with nick logo 'ADI' is a Casual garment mark which was established in 2022, driven by the goals of inclusiveness, friendly environment. The developing of a garment with the idea of sporting the casuals as per the choice and colors which makes every one feel enthusiastic is a part of introducing '"adi casuals".

The mark of 'ADI' stands for great quality of garments it produces and continually improve and bring more styles to the platform. We, as a brand would like to be part of every casuals preferred enthusiasts.

We prefer the item that we make should be perceived more than just logo's & letters, but by its quality, style and feeling of the garment.  We like to keep the story short & sweet and mostly look forward for your best buying experience by giving us the opportunity to serve by meeting your shopping needs.


We are always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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